University College Council for Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Change (CDEIC)

Our Mission:

We, University College, confront our tolerance for inequality.

We hold in our attention this truth: Our community is deeply bruised by the legacies of oppression, explicit and implicit. These legacies are embedded within the foundation, ethos, policies, and practices of higher education.

To heal: We must sound the silences; approach the injustices; tend to the injuries; seek accountability and forgiveness; imagine and create a more equitable community for teaching, learning, and working.

Our mission, our collective will, demands that we make education a just and respectful process in which every beautifully unique, multifaceted individual will sing and be sung, will shine, and will flourish.


By Langston HughesA painting of a pan with a red background holding a paint roller with houses in the background.

I play it cool
And dig all jive
That’s the reason
I stay alive.

My motto,
As I live and learn,
Dig And Be Dug
In Return.
Poem: Langston Hughes, "Motto" From The Collected Works Of Langston Hughes. Copyright © 2002 By Langston Hughes. Reprinted By Permission Of Harold Ober Associates, Inc.

Painting: ©Aaron Douglass, "The Toiler" (c. 1935)