Constance Relihan, Ph.D.- Dean

Harris Hall - Room 5192

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A woman wearing a black and gold blazer with a black blouse.

Felecia Williams, Ph.D. - Associate Dean and Director of the Common Book Program

Harris Hall - Room 5127

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A woman with earrings and a black blouse smiles

Zach Hilpert, Ph.D. - Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

818 West Broad St.

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A man wearing a blue collar shirt

Michael Abelson, M.A.- Interim Chair of Department of Focused Inquiry

Harris Hall - Room 5191

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A man wearing a t-shirt in front of a green tree.

Ciera Harris, M.B.A. - Director of Human Resources and Finance

Harris Hall, Room 5126

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A woman smiling and wearing a black top and necklace.

Anitra Herron - Coordinator of Academic Services

Harris Hall - Room 5190

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A woman wearing a brown cardigan and pink blouse.

Lee Biggs-Operatons Coordinator

Harris Hall, 5th Floor

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A man wearing a striped blue and white shirt holding a small black dog.

Matthew Springer - Office Manager

Harris Hall - Room 5190

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William Lineberry - Senior Communications Specialist

Harris Hall-  Room 5170

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