Shelli Fowler - Interim Dean, University College and Director of the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Interim Dean Dr. Shelli FowlerHarris Hall, room 5192

Dr. Fowler joined VCU in September 2015 as associate dean for University College and as associate professor in the Department of English. Prior to VCU she served as senior director of networked pedagogies and professional development in the Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) program at Virginia Tech (VT). She joined VT in 2003 and served on the faculty of the Departments of English and Women’s and Gender Studies, and as interim director of Composition (English) and as a senior faculty fellow in the Honors Residential College. She served on the faculty and in academic leadership positions at Washington State University from 1992-2003. Dr. Fowler holds a BA in English from San Jose State University, an MA and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas at Austin and an MSW from Radford University.


Micol Hutchison -  Director of Program Development & Student Success

Photo of Micol HutchisonHarris Hall, Room 5149

Micol Hutchison has been a faculty member in the Department of Focused Inquiry since 2007 and now serves as Director of Student Success in University College. As an undergraduate and Master’s student, she had diverse academic interests, and wished she could figure out a way to connect them; it wasn’t until she was in a doctoral program that she discovered the beauty and utility of interdisciplinarity. Working with VCU’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program, she hopes to help students find beauty and utility in their own multifaceted interests earlier than she did. Dr. Hutchison received her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, and her Master’s in Slavic Languages and Literatures from UNC-Chapel Hill. She completed her PhD in Education, with a focus on higher education, in 2015. Her professional interests include first-generation college students, student engagement, student retention, and learner-centered teaching. She is passionate about education, teaching, and learning, and is proud to be part of the department and university.


Jessica Hill - Director of Human Resources and Finance

staff_Jessica_Hill1-wpcf_150x200Harris Hall, Room 5126

Jess Hill joined the Division of Learning Innovation and Student Success in July of 2012. As Director of HR and Finance, she provides oversight of all fiscal and personnel functions for the University College, the Office of Online Academic Programs, and the ALT Lab.Prior to her work in our area, she served as the Coordinator of Business and Educational Services for the VCU Honors College, where she was responsible for management of all HC financial, personnel, and office operations. She also provided academic advising to honors students majoring in Humanities disciplines and those pursuing study within the schools of Business, Social Work, and Education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Radford University, a Master of Arts in Teaching from SUNY Binghamton, a Master of Education in Adult Learning/Human Resource Development from VCU, and both SPHR and SHRM-SCP professional certifications. She believes that people are key to the success of any organization and enjoys helping employees thrive by identifying opportunities for growth, collaboration, and development.


Doris Mitchell - Coordinator-Human Resources

Doris MitchellHarris Hall, Room 5129

Doris Mitchell currently serves as Coordinator, Human Resources for the Division of Learning Innovation and Student Success.   She provides administrative support essential to the division in the areas of personnel management, recruitment, payroll operations, guest travel and purchasing.  She is an alumna of VCU with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business/Education.





Lynn Welton - Office Manager

Harris Hall. Room 5130

Lynn Welton currently works as office manager for the Department of Focused Inquiry. She coordinates administrative services for the department such as purchasing and administrative backup the Focused Inquiry Learning Lounge and serves as building manager and floor manager of the 5th floor for Harris Hall. She also supports the Division of Learning Innovation and Student Success by coordinating travel arrangements and reimbursement procedures for all faculty and staff and monitors departmental budget expenditures as well as ensures that the daily operations of the department run smoothly. She is a graduate of University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.


Anitra Herron - Coordinator of Academic Services

photograph of the coordinator of academic servicesHarris Hall, Room 5190







Peter Stauffer - Student Services Specialist

Harris Hall, Room 5116

Peter Stauffer has worked for VCU since 2015, starting with the Psychology Department and now with University College. While an undergraduate he was a teaching assistant and peer mentor for Focused Inquiry. He graduated from VCU with a bachelor in Social Work in 2012. As the Student Services Specialist, he manages the Focused Inquiry Learning Lounge and works with the Department of Focused Inquiry, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Common Book.



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