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Melinda Anderson
Director of Pre-Law Advising
 Marilyn Day
Interim Pre-Law Advisor

Academic excellence, not a specific curriculum, is the principle prerequisite for the legal profession.  Very few law schools list specific undergraduate courses as pre-requisites for admission.  Therefore, the student considering law school can major in virtually any department within the university, provided that she chooses a major in which she can excel.  Choosing a major that reflects the student’s passions and natural talents often enhances academic performance.  A student who is “undeclared” about an academic major initially, but who has indicated the pre-law advising track, will clarify his or her academic interests through regular conversations with his or her academic advisor. The student shall declare a major in one of the regular four-year degree programs offered within the university. If a student has a specific interest, such as environmental law, the student should strongly consider selecting an academic major in that area. Many students interested in law school consider philosophy of law as a minor. This minor program is described under the Department of Philosophy. Undeclared students are welcome to meet with a pre-law mentor to discuss choice of major, understanding that there is no pre-law major, and thus no “right” or “wrong” choices. The pre-law coordinator maintains continual contact with law school admissions offices and assists interested students with questions about curriculum, financial assistance, application procedures, the law school admission test (LSAT), and the Law School Admissions Council (

Schedule a pre-law advising appointment:

  • Applying to Law School or Studying for the LSAT?  Please call University College Academic Advising at (804) 827-8648 to schedule an appointment with a Pre-Law advisor.
  • Sophomores/Juniors: Plan to attend a Pre-Law Orientation session held once a month.  Check our Events  calendar for times and locations.
  • Freshmen: Ask your advisor about Pre-Law Orientation sessions.  Come prepared by completing the Student Questionnaire and reading the content of this website (including The ABA Statement on Pre-Law Preparation).

Before you meet with a Pre-Law advisor, you are required to complete the pre-law advising Student Questionnaire. You may bring it with you to a Pre-Law Orientation, or your first appointment.