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Choosing a Major

For pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-physical therapy and pre-optometry, VCU requires students to declare majors in an academic discipline, in addition to an advising track in one of these pre-health areas. For these and other healthcare areas, it is a good idea to become familiar with the majors offered at VCU. A list of all the possible major choices at VCU may be found in the undergraduate bulletin.

No one major is better than another when applying to a health profession program. Explore various majors and choose one based on interests and skills. Students often change their minds about going to medical school, dental school, etc., or may not be accepted (approximately 50 percent of applicants actually gain acceptance to professional schools). In either case, earning a bachelor’s degree in something of interest should be a priority. For more information on choosing a major and exploring alternate career options, contact the University College Discovery Program at (804) 827-8648.

General “Choosing a Major” information