Virginia Commonwealth University

Make it real.

What to Expect

So, say you decide to come visit us. What should you expect? Well, besides round tables clustered in a dynamic, well-lit room, you should expect cheerful smiles and caring consultants, eager to hear about your interests and your project.

You’ll check in with the receptionist to the right of the door, and that person will connect you with your consultant. If you come in as a walk-in, the receptionist will figure out which consultants might be available to help you.

Once you sit down with your consultant, you might brainstorm together to find a good topic, working in your interests and passions. Or you might create an outline, sorting through your ideas to figure out how they fit together. Maybe you’ll want to read through your first draft and talk about transitions, organization, or tone. Or you might work together to polish your final draft. We’ll gladly help with whatever concerns or questions you have, no matter what stage your project is in. We’re eager to motivate you, to help get you ready to do your best work.

Other Good Things to Know

Make an appointment if you can.

We are happy to take walk-ins, but we can’t always guarantee availability. We give priority to writers with scheduled appointments. Click on the Schedule an Appointment link, call us at (804) 828-4851, or stop by our reception desk inside the Writing Center to schedule your consultation. If you want to work with a particular consultant, you can request him or her. if you want an online appointment, please specify that.

A note about appointment times.

We schedule our appointments in hour-long blocks. Your actual appointment time will be 50 minutes. We ask that you please respect this time frame and our consultants when they begin to wrap up your session. We must stick to this appointment length to ensure the overall smooth running of our Center, including being able to see all students on time.

Students are allowed one appointment per day up to three days a week.

We appreciate your cooperation in these scheduling matters!

Come prepared.

Bring any guidelines or materials related to your project. We want to get a good understanding of your assignment. Also bring your questions and concerns. When we know what you want from the session, we can best help you. But as long as you come with questions, you don’t have to bring a complete draft. Making an appointment just to clarify an assignment or generate ideas is fine, even encouraged.

Come early.

If you come too close to your assignment’s due date, you might not have time to make all the revisions you’d like. Plus, this leaves time for you to come back for additional feedback at later stages. Also, be on time (or five minutes early) since we give no-show appointments to those on the waiting list. Let us know if you need to miss your appointment.

Come ready to talk.

We want to discuss your project! We find that we accomplish the most when the session is a dialogue rather than a mini-lecture. We won’t just edit your paper for you; we’ll work out ways to make it awesome together.