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The materials on this website offer support for instructors interested in using SafeAssign, a plagiarism prevention tool integrated with VCU’s Blackboard system. While plagiarism is a perennial academic issue, reports in recent years have suggested that incidents are on the rise, particularly cases involving electronic source material. Tools like SafeAssign offer one avenue for teaching plagiarism prevention, but they are not foolproof. The materials provided here address some of the theoretical and practical issues associated with tools like SafeAssign and suggest ways such programs might be successfully incorporated into the classroom.

Using SafeAssign

Blackboard’s SafeAssign

SafeAssign’s Potential as a Learning Tool

A Closer Look at Plagiarism

Assignments That Discourage Plagiarism

The VCU Writing Center invites you to explore these resources in the hope that they will lead to further discussions about promoting academic integrity in the classroom. Please feel free to contact the Center with questions, comments, or requests for individual consultations regarding writing process and practice.