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English Language Resources

Writing in a new language is challenging enough without the demands of an academic schedule. Plus, as you know, learning a new language takes time and practice. At the Writing Center, we recognize these difficulties so we offer opportunities for more time and more practice with English Language Resources!
English Language Resources (ELR) provides extended writing consultation time with a focus on tools to help English language learners become stronger, more confident writers.

To schedule an ELR consultation, stop by the Writing Center on the 4th floor of the Academic Learning Commons or call (804) 828-4851 to set up an appointment. Tell the receptionist that you’d like to have an ELR appointment. You may also click on the Schedule an Appointment link–just make sure you select the ELR appointment button when scheduling your session.

Other things we’d like you to know about ELR appointments

We expect students to have:

  • Appointments throughout the semester
  • Appointments with the same ELR consultant
  • A commitment to the full writing process

We’d like you to maintain a consistent and continuous working relationship with the same consultant, ideally on a regular basis. This will help create an ongoing, semester-long conversation about language and writing.

This ongoing conversation is important because acquiring a language—or anything, for that matter—takes time. Learning a language, or even learning to write, isn’t something that can be developed in one hour, one day, one month, or even one year.

Language acquisition, especially to the point of writing fluency, is an ongoing process for language learners. In fact, it’s an ongoing process for all of us, whether we’re native speakers or not. We believe that meeting with an ELR consultant on a regular basis will not only improve your writing process, but strengthen your overall language skills as well.

For more information, email:

Brian McTague, Writing Center Director – or
Amy Colombo, Writing Center Coordinator-