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Study Groups

The Campus Learning Center assists students in forming study groups. If you have questions or are interested in starting a study group, call the Campus Learning Center at (804) 827-8108.

Study Group Guidelines

  1. Items to bring to your first meeting:
    • textbooks
    • class notes
    • reading notes
    • syllabus
    • questions about course material
    • calendar or planner
  2. During the first meeting you will:
    • create a structure for your study group:
      • select a group leader who will lead each group meeting and be responsible for e-mailing a reminder to other members about meeting dates.
      • plan a schedule of meetings and topics for the semester.
    • exchange phone numbers and e-mails with other group members.
    • set a time and location for your next group meeting.
  3. Things to do during meetings:
    • go through the questions at the end of each chapter in the text.
    • compare notes to make sure everyone has a complete set.
    • have everyone bring questions to ask the group.
    • discuss and share reading notes (highlighted sections or margin notes) from the most recent chapter.
    • create sample test questions to ask members of the group.
    • make a study guide to review for a test.
    • discuss your most recent class to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the material.
  4. Places to meet:
    There are a variety of places around campus to meet. If you need assistance, please contact the CLC at (804) 827-8108.
  5. Remember every member of the group has something to contribute and can be an expert in a certain area. Listen to each other carefully to make the most of every meeting.