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Service Learning

Service-learning at VCU is a course-based experience that takes students outside of the classroom and off campus to interact with, learn about,and benefit the greater Richmond community.

Typically, a service-learning course requires a minimum of fifteen hours of service with selected nonprofit and community-based organizations, or schools.

Course lessons and materials are enhanced through hands-on application and first-person experience.  The agencies benefit directly from the volunteer effort and broadened  exposure to their areas of interest.  Student benefits include:

  • first-hand experience in possible fields of study and work
  • a greater appreciation for diverse backgrounds and life situations
  • a solidification of what they value
  • a recognition of their potential to positively influence the world around them
  • practice with practical professional skills

Here’s what some of our former students have said:

It was nothing short of life changing. Being in this class and working with a service-learning organization will broaden and expand just about anyone’s mind if they let it.

Working at my service-learning site allowed me to apply real-life experiences to the textbook.

This experience gave a whole new facet to understanding the course content.