Virginia Commonwealth University

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Advising Courses

Designed to help students with the critical transition from high school to college, the following courses aid student success by providing a structured foundation.

UNIV 101 Introduction to the University

(Semester course, 1 lecture hour, 1 credit)
UNIV 101 is designed to orient new students to the traditions, purposes and expectations of a university education. Students will assess their expectations and evaluate their academic strengths and goals. Through lectures, guest speakers and individual projects, students will learn of VCU resources designed to help them solve problems and to achieve a rewarding and successful academic program. This course is required for students admitted conditionally to VCU, it is recommended for all first-year students.

UNIV 102 Mindset for Academic Success

(Semester course, 1 lecture hour, 1 credit)
Restricted to first years students with 24 or fewer earned credit hours who want to improve college success skills. Course is directed by student and his or her academic advisor. With assistance from student’s academic advisor, an individualized program of study is created to improve academic performance.

UNIV 103 Education and Career Planning

(Semester course, 3 lecture hours, 3 credits)
UNIV 103 is a career decision-making course for individuals focusing on the process of career planning. Through guest speakers and interviews with working professionals, students will discover many of the educational and career options that exist in fields that are of interest to them. Through in-class activities, computer assessments and group projects, students will learn how to make informed decisions about their educational and career goals.

For official curriculum and course descriptions, consult your academic advisor or refer to the VCU Bulletin.