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Support Services

Study hall

The main focus of the study hall program is to help students develop consistent and appropriate study patterns by providing a structured setting to work on class assignments. Criteria for mandatory study hall participation vary from team to team. Study hours can be completed on Sunday evening, or during the day or evening Monday through Thursday. These flexible hours allow students to plan study time around their academic and athletic schedule.

Writing Center drop in consultations

Writing center consultants will be available in the Siegel Center computer lab for drop ins on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights from 6pm- 9pm. You can meet with a consultant to optimize your academic performance for any class. Consultants will help you pump up your thinking, reading, research and writing for any class you would like to discuss. Please see Kasey Mattison, room 148, if you have any questions.

Peer Mentoring

The Office of Student-Athlete Support Services has implemented a unique mentoring program where student-athletes help each other create a strong game plan for success. During each semester, junior and senior student-athletes with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are chosen as mentors. The mentees are freshmen student-athletes and any other student-athlete who are in need of more individual support. The mentors and mentees are required to meet weekly and the meetings consist of creating a detailed academic plan for the upcoming week, including setting goals and objectives for each class the student-athlete is enrolled in. The mentors are required to write a narrative of their meetings and the advisors follow up with the student-athletes participating in the mentoring program to ensure that they are achieving their goals set for the week. The mentors are required to attend weekly training with the staff of the Office of Student-Athlete Support Services. The training material is based on the Virginia Mentorship Program. For their service, the mentors earn three course credits. More importantly, mentors gain the opportunity develop professionally and to make a positive impact on other student-athletes’ lives. For more information on the program, contact Kasey Mattison at 828-1654.

Laptops for road trips

Laptops are available for team trips only and are to be used exclusively by Virginia Commonwealth University student-athletes. To reserve a computer, a head coach must contact Sofia Hiort-Wright in person no more than a week in advance of the trip. Coaches are responsible for monitoring the use, transportation and storage of the laptop once it has been checked out and until it has been returned. Work must be saved on the student’s own disk. Files saved on the hard drive will be deleted. Any damage or loss will be the financial responsibility of the sport that checked out the computer. If there is a need for software that is not already on the computer, notify Sofia Hiort-Wright at 828-2184. Please report any hardware or software problems when you return the computer.