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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many credits do I have to be enrolled in to be a full time student?

A full time student is enrolled in 12 credits. According to NCAA rules and regulations a student-athlete must be registered as a full time student and earn 24 credits their first year.

2. How do I sign up for a tutor?

To request a tutor you need to go to Tutorial Program and fill out a “request a tutor form.” An email will be sent to you with the day and time of your tutoring appointment(s).

3. Do I have to attend study hall and how many hours do I need to complete?

Study hall requirements are different for each team. The coach determines who is in study hall and how many hours you must complete. If you are uncertain about the amount of hours you have to complete, please contact your student-athlete advisor.

4. When I try to register for classes, it says I have a student-athlete hold on my account. What does that mean?

Every student-athlete has an athletic advising hold on their account. This is to ensure the student-athletes’ classes will not be changed or dropped by any person on campus other than your student-athlete advisor. If you need help changing or making your schedule, please see your student-athlete advisor for assistance.