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BS in Science with a Concentration in Health Preparation/Professional Sciences

Program Description

Starting in the fall of 2013, all pre-health programs will be designated on a student’s record as an advising track interest.  The interdisciplinary Science Bachelors Degree is offered through the College of Humanities and Sciences. The concentration in Health Preparation/ Professional Science (HPPS) allows students the flexibility to work towards this Bachelors degree while taking the pre-requisite courses for their intended health profession.

Students will work closely with pre-health advisors to choose courses to fill health care program pre-requisites and major requirements.

Although it does not guarantee admissions into any program, this degree will help students to become more competitive in their application into pre-health programs in the health sciences. As students successfully complete science courses and other admission requirements, students and advisors will determine a timeframe to apply for admissions into health care training programs.

Advising Information

Students currently enrolled in pre-health majors are encouraged to discuss this program with their pre-health advisor. Appointments with pre-health advisors can be scheduled online through Eservices using the “My VCU portal” or by calling the University College Advising Office at 804-827-8648.

Transfer Students and students with  >54 earned credits  who are considering this major, must meet with Dr. Charlene Crawley or Ms. Ashley Goldstein to discuss the program and complete the required forms:.

Online appointments with Dr. Crawley and Ms. Goldstein can be made through

Degree requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Health Preparation/Professional Science currently labeled as the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences requires a minimum of 120 credits.

This major has the flexibility to meet the prerequisite needs of students interested in a variety of careers in the Health Science. Students must discuss their curriculum and get approval for their course selection from their advisor before pursuing this program of study.

Along with the general education requirements of the College of Humanities and Sciences for a Bachelor of Science degree, this curriculum requires 28 to 30 credits in foundation science and mathematics courses, and 33 to 38 credits in one of the following concentrations: biology, chemistry, health preparation/professional science or physics. In preparation for the required mathematical sciences courses, all students must take the Mathematics Placement Test. Majors are also strongly encouraged to select a minor in an area different from their area of concentration that will complement their career interests and contribute additional upper-level credits to their curriculum.