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Arts Advising

The Arts Advising division of the University College (consisting of both visual/graphic arts, and performing arts) serves to support the scholar/artist during their first year at VCU.  By providing students with consistent academic advising and solid knowledge of the artistic process, UC Arts advisors help students to be more engaged: with their academics, their respective departments, and their art.

Students are also encouraged to be familiar with their departmental websites:

Students should also get to know the website for the School of the Arts

This website includes:

  • Ester, a one-stop shop for all news and events in the School of the Arts,
  • Jeanette, a blog with job listings for Arts students, and
  • Scholarships, a searchable database of available scholarships by department.

Current first-year students are assigned¬† to academic advisors. Students can visit to identify who their advisor is and to schedule appointments. Click on “Advising Information for Students”.