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About the UC: Introduction

University College History

In June 2005, Provost Stephen Gottfredson appointed a team to consider ways for improving students’ undergraduate experience with particular emphasis on their first college year. The resulting plans laid the foundation of the University College (UC).

The UC opened its doors in the fall of 2006 on the first floor of the newly renovated Hibbs Hall. The UC is a central home for university-wide programs and resources that help to enhance students’ undergraduate experience. Through academic advising, tutoring, writing assistance, group study sessions, orientation programs and courses introducing students to the demands of a university education, the UC provides opportunities for VCU students to achieve greater levels of academic success.

University College Mission

Curricular Innovation and Learning Excellence

The University College (UC) enhances student engagement and success by providing a central home for curricular innovation, academic support services devoted to encouraging learning excellence, and interdisciplinary degree programs with opportunities for customized majors and study concentrations.

The University College’s mission is to enhance student success through curricular innovation and support for learning excellence, and we have many programs and services available that will help you experience the full transformative potential of contemporary higher education in a large, public, urban research university.

The UC provides:

Academic Advising

More than just helping you schedule classes, the UC’s academic advising program can help you select a major, navigate university policies and direct you to other campus resources. Students also look to their advisors for help in their transition to VCU and college life.
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Learning Support

Through the Campus Learning Center within the University College, students can participate in supplemental instruction and tutoring sessions to gain extra confidence in notoriously difficult courses. The University College Writing Center aids students throughout the writing process – from selecting a writing topic at the beginning of a semester to proofreading a final draft.
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Core Curriculum

The University College is the central home for VCU’s core curriculum, with the central component of the curriculum being the Focused Inquiry I and II courses, which all first-year students are enrolled. The Focused Inquiry courses, which replace English 101, will help you target specific skill areas, including communication (both written and oral), critical thinking and problem solving, the development of quantitative abilities, information retrieval and evaluation, and collaborative work. Sections of the courses are intentionally kept small to allow you to get to know other first-year students in a small setting. Each semester, the courses are themed, encouraging student engagement in a broad spectrum of disciplines.
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Summer Reading Program