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About the UC: Introduction

University College Mission

Curricular Innovation and Learning Excellence

The University College (UC) enhances student engagement and success by providing a central home for curricular innovation, including a distinctive first-year seminar sequence leading to a course in inquiry and the craft of argument, and interdisciplinary degree programs with opportunities for customized majors and study concentrations.

The University College’s mission is to enhance student success through curricular innovation and support for learning excellence, and we have many programs and services available that will help you experience the full transformative potential of contemporary higher education in a large, public, urban research university.

University College is part of the VCU Office of Learning Innovation and Student Success.

Core Curriculum

The University College is the central home for VCU’s core curriculum, the foundation of which are the Focused Inquiry I and II courses, in which all first-year students are enrolled. The Focused Inquiry courses offer students a seminar-style experience early in their careers at VCU, one in which a specific theme (varied periodically) encourages student engagement in a broad spectrum of disciplines and academic contexts. These courses also target specific skill areas, including communication (both written and oral), critical thinking and problem solving, the development of quantitative abilities, information retrieval and evaluation, and collaborative work. Sections of the courses are intentionally kept small to allow you to get to know other first-year students in a warm and supportive setting.
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